Thursday, January 22, 2009

Booking Through Thursdays

Booking Through Thursdays asks:

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) [be] the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?
Good question! My reading is mostly inspired by a combination of friends and my own stumblings through the internets. I'm basically a sponge, and it takes very little to get me to try a book. If you like it, or if you think I will like it, I will likely put it on the TBR pile. Alternatively, I read a lot on the internet as well.

When I lived in Hamilton, I used to go on the public library website and search through the new books, placing holds on things that looked interesting, or just writing them down on my list to come back to another day.

And when I worked at Chapters? Those were heady days...I never had so many recommendations from people in my life! It was truly amazing working in a bookstore because I got to talk about books with everyone (apart from those poor souls looking for webkinz.)

These days a lot of inspiration comes from the challenges I've joined, and the people at work who love to read as much as I do.

So you can see, my inspiration comes from many sources. Every book has potential, as far as I'm concerned.


jlshall said...

Yes, challenges can be a wonderful inspiration to read. And since I've gotten myself involved in something like sixteen of them this year, I'm guessing they'll be my main inspiration! But working in a bookstore - now that's my idea of a really inspirational job.

MizB said...

OH, how I envy you being able to work at Chapters! I don't live close enough to one to do so, but would just LOVE it, I know! Instead, I've settled for the next best thing -- an office supply store. LOL. :P

MizB, from further south in Ontario. ;)

Bluestocking said...

I've always wanted to work in a bookstore.

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Beth F said...

If I worked in a bookstore, I would probably end up owning money at the end of the week instead of collecting it!

Smilingsal said...

If I worked in a bookstore, I'd have no take home pay left! I used to work in a libray, and it's like a kid in a candy store. Happy BTT.

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I agree. I have so many sources as well