Thursday, December 11, 2008

Booking Through Thursdays

Booking Through Thursdays asks:

1. Do you get to read as much as you WANT to read?

(I’m guessing #1 is an easy question for everyone?)

2. If you had (magically) more time to read–what would you read? Something educational? Classic? Comfort Reading? Escapism? Magazines?

1. No, not at all. However, this has improved over the years. Looking back two years ago I would have emphatically said no because I was still in school, and consequently mired in required reading and seminar notes. Now, I at least don't have as much homework to do. Still, there are never enough hours, are there?

2. I would read more nonfiction if I had more time. Although, I may just be saying that. There are lot of nonfiction books in my TBR pile, but they always seem to fall shorter than the fiction. I guess I just like escapism a lot more than furthering my knowlege. Is that sad? I don't think so. I read enough nonfiction to keep satisfied for now. *points to current Shelfari icon*

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